Nurse Aides that have lapsed in licensure may request from the Department of Health a waiver from retaking the 90 hours Department of Health approved Nurse Aide Program. If they deem you qualified to be waived, you must bring your 1800 form to BA Tech School with a $100.00 registration fee. This fee only includes your skills evaluation and does not include the application fee associated with your application to the PSI. Contact the Department of Health with the fees associated with your renewal.

Note: BA Tech School will not be responsible for lapsed waiver forms. It is your responsibility to know how long the Department of Health  has given you to test. BA Tech School does not offer refunds on scheduled skills test. If you wish to reschedule you must notify us within 24 hours of the test. if notification has not been provided there is a $25.00 rescheduling/inconvience fee needed to reschedule testing. In addition to the former, BA Tech School will not be responsible for the state agencies denial or any charges the applicant must pay in relation to their policy. The fees above are for our service of skills testing only. Sign up for Skills Testing Now>>>>