This comprehensive 286-hour program that will prepare the student for a career as a Patient Care Technician. This program is designed to provide in-depth training in three major areas of study: Patient Care, EKG, and Phlebotomy. The Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide certification is a requirement to graduate from the program. The Home Health Aide Program can be taken concurrently, but because bundling of the Nurse Aide Program is not allowed in the State of New Jersey this program must be completed prior to starting if you are a student at BA Tech or you must already possess the Certification. Training objectives for the Patient Care modules include detailed instruction in the technical skills necessary to provide personal care to complex patients, implementation of selected portions of care plans including respiratory services, and rehabilitation services under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. In the Phlebotomy Module, students will receive instruction in clinical medical laboratory procedures including specimen collection, urinalysis, microbiology, and hematology. Students will learn all aspects of laboratory safety and the use of Standard Precautions when handling blood and other body fluids. Students will receive instruction in the performance of venipuncture and capillary puncture. The EKG Technician module will provide the student with the fundamentals of cardiovascular anatomy and medical terminology, electrocardiogram theory, and the techniques of performing an electrocardiogram for diagnostic purposes. Students will also learn to obtain vital signs. Career development including writing a resume, cover letter, and interview techniques will be discussed.